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Morten Andersen - Start your own business

Start your own business?

  • 1 min read

Do you want to start your own business and be “your own boss” instead of staying in a regular job? Have you given up on the idea, for the lack of a good business concept or money to get started?

Morten Andersen - Curiosity opens the door

Curiosity opens new doors

  • 2 min read

…. looking for better income to fulfill bigger dreams, to have more freedom and not having to work every day, ready for a new phase in life”

Morten Andersen - It is possible!

It IS possible!

  • 2 min read

10 years ago I would never have believed this is possible. No way! But it is! And it can be for you too!

Morten Andersen - Residual Income

6 ways to residual income

  • 3 min read

Doing the job once and get paid every month for years, or maybe for life… Sounds like a dream, right? That’s the beauty of RESIDUAL INCOME! 

Morten Andersen - Love your job

Want more in life?

  • 2 min read

My business is to help people start and build their dream businesses so they can get the lifestyle they really want. Let’s talk…

Morten Andersen - Business Model Evolution

Business Model Evolution

  • 2 min read

Read this if you consider to start your own business!
Today it IS possible to start a business using only a few hours a week, from home, with minimal investments and earn much more than in any normal job or by starting a “traditional business”.

Morten Andersen - Positive people

Positive people that lift you up!

  • 3 min read

Isn’t it amazing how some people can lift you up with their positive outlook on life? This is not just “positive thinking”. It’s a mindset…..

Morten Andersen - How to Succeed with Online Meetings

How to Succeed with Online Meetings!

  • 3 min read

Did you know you can be up to 100 times more effective in your job by embracing the power of online meetings and webinars?

Start your own business with Morten Andersen

It’s easy to start your own business!

  • 2 min read

It’s easy to start your own business. Plug-and-play business concept with everything you need for success, without financial risk. Start on your free time. get your first income next week!

The 6 secrets to freedom


  • 3 min read

The 6 non-negotiable requirements to build a business that give you true freedom. Get my FREE eBook and save years of frustration!